About Our Practice

About Our Practice

Florida Smile Design is the dental practice of Dr. Rick Schnur, and has been serving the Parrish/Ellenton and surrounding area since opening in 2001.

Our specialty is providing quality care in a relaxed and light-hearted environment. Ways we do this for our patients are:

  • We are small private office focused on individualized care, not a large dental corporation focused on making quotas.
  • We schedule one patient at a time – This allows us to see you at your appointed time and allows us to focus on you, the patient.
  • Dr. Schnur is the owner and only dentist. Having a dentist with whom you are comfortable is very important. We won’t surprise you with a new doctor every time you visit, and Dr. Schnur is always happy to answer your questions about treatment.


Because many of our new patients have avoided the dentist for a long time, they are often embarrassed about the state of their oral health. Even their closest friends and family are unaware of their dental problems. We respect your privacy and are very discreet about your condition and treatment.

We also understand that dental problems can be an emotional burden. We will do all we can to put your mind at ease and to help put those problems behind you. To find more information about how we can make treatment more comfortable, click here.

No Lectures – No Judgement, Just Help!

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