Dental Health

Dental Crown

Has a crown been recommended for your tooth? Crowns are most often recommended as a structural fix for a structural problem.  This means the tooth likely has been weakened by an old large filling, cracked enamel or it has already broken and a crown is needed to replace the broken piece and hold the rest of the tooth together.  Crowns do this by being a custom made cap that covers the whole...

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Healthy Gums – Healthy You!

Periodontal health involves two general areas, the gums (soft tissue) and the underlying bone support of the teeth (hard tissue).  Periodontal health is not only important for your teeth but also to your general health. To evaluate periodontal health, Dr. Schnur examines the gums and bone support as part of the dental exam.  Like most health problems, periodontal problems are best diagnosed and...

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