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Has a crown been recommended for your tooth?

Crowns are most often recommended as a structural fix for a structural problem.  This means the tooth likely has been weakened by an old large filling, cracked enamel or it has already broken and a crown is needed to replace the broken piece and hold the rest of the tooth together.  Crowns do this by being a custom made cap that covers the whole tooth, fitting over the tooth like a thimble fits over a finger.  A crown is tooth shaped and tooth colored and will make the tooth look and chew like new.  In the case of cosmetic crowns, the crowns can be custom made to not only strengthen cracked or broken teeth but quickly make them permanently white and straight creating exceptionally beautiful smiles!

What is involved in having a crown done for the tooth?

A crown is a custom made restoration that is created at a laboratory to precisely fit the tooth.  It takes two visits that are usually about two weeks apart.  The first visit is about 1 1/2 hours the second is about 30 minutes.

So that we build only on existing healthy tooth structure, any old filling material is removed along with any soft decay that may be under the old filling.  Then, an accompanying procedure called a core build-up is often done.  A core build-up is a bonded composite resin material that fills in the internal hollow of the tooth made by removing old filling and decay.  The remaining tooth and build up is then precisely shaped by hand to allow enough room for a crown to be placed over the tooth.  An impression or mould of the tooth is made to allow the custom crown to be made at the laboratory.  At the end of the first appointment, an acrylic temporary crown is made to wear while the ceramic crown is being made.  The second appointment is to simply remove the temporary crown and place the permanent crown, verifying its exact fit.  Here is some additional information from WebMD.

“Doc, I don’t want a crown.  Can’t we just do a filing?

At Florida Smile Design, we are sensitive to personal budgets that are stretched by everyday expenses as well as emergency expenses like an unexpected car repair or a broken tooth.  Dr. Schnur will recommend a crown to properly fix a tooth that has a structural problem.  Fillings are recommended to fill a hole where the rest of the tooth has adequate strength.  Although placing a filling to patch a broken tooth may be less expensive in the short term, often it’s just a needness additional expense because the tooth breakdown continues.   This continued breakdown may lead to a more extensive and expensive fix than the original crown.  Of course there are financing options to help needed treatment fit into budgets, but in the case where a patient just cannot do the crown right now we respect the decision.  For the vast majority of teeth that are restored with a crown the long-term value is continued to be enjoyed long after the short term cost is forgotten.  Crowns can transform even very badly broken down teeth into teeth that look and work like new for 10-20+ years!  We love providing solutions for our patients that they can enjoy for many years to come.  Dr. Schnur is always happy to answer your dental questions.  Send us an email, or call to schedule a consultation today.  941-776-0885.

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