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Florida Smile Design - Toothache

Having a tooth that’s driving your crazy? Haven’t been to the dentists in a while? Worried you have a significant problem? We are here to help without discomfort, or judgement.

Toothaches, cavities, chips, or dental emergencies are a very common problems. We are here to help solve your problems, whether it’s tooth decay or a cracked tooth, ultimately our goal is to improve the health of your teeth and mouth. Dr. Schnur will complete an exam, give you a plan including fees in writing, and find the best time for you to have the problem fixed quickly.

For some people, the fear of being judged by a dentist may make them avoid dental care, but at Florida Smile Design we want you to be completely comfortable. We take the time to help you, whatever your oral health is now. During your visit, we always ensure your questions are answered and you feel welcome in our office.

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